My attempt to photograph those things that are in plain sight but hard to see. 

Born and raised in Southwest China, now calling West Coast of Canada home. I am managing photo lab for a pharmacy chain in Metro Vancouver area and also work as a freelance photographer, specializing in event reportage, wedding photojournalism and other custom photo services. 

A member of Full Frontal, an international collective dedicated to flash photography with a focus on the street and candid situations.

Life has been a challenge for me, because of the uncertainty. I've been moving around constantly since my teenage years, always been seen as an outsider. Photographing in streets is my fieldwork to study uncertainty. Street photography is not documentary, it‘s more like poetry where imagination prevails over reason, metaphors over facts. Uncertainty is the energy flowing in streets, legitimate and fundamental.


Available for commissions and assignments. Feel free to message me for details. 

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